New Players joined

the clan: 

Herceg, Bobik,

Mr. Savage

March Player of the Month: HanniBaL

About Clan

Sharp Shooters Clutch is an international gaming clan focusing on playing the game as a team.Respect and Friendship are the core of our clan.

We hold our members to higher standards,fairplay and teamwork precede individual score.

                                    [SSC] Was founded in 2011 by YSNiPER

Selection of Clan Wars

SSC  vs  KH

 342    -   170

SSC  vs  RD 

  38     -   15

SSC    vs   AoS

  38      -     18

all clans.....

Wars Stats

Wins - Loses

613 - 288 

SSC  vs  GoT

  98     -     67

SSC  vs  ATL 

  18     -      5

SSC  vs  BW

   5      -     2

all clans.....

March Player of the Month.png

       Recruitment = Closed

We don't ​accept cheaters or multiclanning players. The leader can accept or reject any
player regardles of recruitment status.

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Last Update 10/July/2019

Hall of Honour

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Player of the Month

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